Creathon 2024

Young and talented students from three different countries met in Warsaw to collaboratively work on an innovative idea for a social campaign aimed at combating the spread of misinformation and disinformation among youth.

The international Creathon, titled "Empowering Truth: Teens in Digital World", took place on November 27, 2023, at the Google Campus headquarters in Warsaw. Nearly 40 high school students from Poland, Latvia, and Romania collaborated in diverse international teams, collectively tackling the competition challenge. Taking on the role of a creative agency, the young people developed projects targeting youth, promoting the fight against misinformation. The jury faced a challenging task as all presented ideas were interesting and well-executed.

The following teams made it to the podium:
First place: Olivia Żyliński (PL), Barbara Tyc (PL), Zuzanna Gawlik (PL), Cristea Andrei (PL), Maria Theodora Oprescu (RO), Anna Marija (LV).
Second place: Zofia Tomalak (PL), Natalia Sołtysińska (PL), Magdalena Suwała (PL), Adam Kwaliński (PL), Popa Maria (RO), Selīna Stanko (LV), Jānis Valdmanis (LV).
Third place: Klara Radomska (PL), Filip Kwaliński (PL), Adrianna Nowak (PL), Cozma George-Daniel (RO), Katrīna Rotenko (LV), Gabriels Kajs Tautkums (LV).

We are impressed by the level of projects and the participants' commitment to the Creathon. International cooperation allows for a broader perspective on combating issues affecting children and youth while using the internet. Creathon offered a platform for hearing the voices of the younger generation, facilitating the sharing of their perspectives and insights regarding actions targeted at their peers.

Creathon participants were supported by mentors from NASK, Latvian Internet Association, and Save the Children Romania, as well as by trainer Ewa Tomczak from the Design Thinking in School organization.