About us

The project “Make it clear - educating young people against disinformation online” is implemented by the consortium that consists of NASK – National Research Institute (Poland), Latvian Internet Association (Latvijas Interneta Asociacija) and Save the Children Romania (Organizatia Salvati Copiii). All partners have long term experience in the fields of media education and child online protection activities. For many years they have been cooperating in the frame of the other European co-financed programme, Safer Internet.

The project is addressed primarily to young people aged 11-17, but also to parents, teachers and specialists working with children. The aim of the project is to develop information competences in youth, a conscious and critical approach to the content available in the media, particularly in social media. As a result, youth will improve the skills to verify the truthfulness of online information, to recognize and adequately respond to disinformation. The project also aims to broaden the knowledge and raise awareness of teachers about such phenomena as fake news, manipulation techniques and propaganda, which in turn will allow them to develop information skills among their students and to raise the interest of parents in the problem.

NASK is a National Research Institute under the supervision of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland. The institute’s mission is to develop and implement solutions which facilitate the development of information and communication networks in Poland, in addition to improving their effectiveness and security. NASK carries out research and development projects as well as projects aimed at improving the security of Polish civilian cyberspace. Another of NASK’s important activities is educating users and promoting the concept of an information society, primarily with the goal of protecting children and young people from hazards posed by new technologies.

Latvian Internet Association (LIA) was founded in July 2000. LIA is a public organization that unites Latvian internet service providers (ISP) and other domestic and foreign ICT companies in Latvia. Currently LIA has 19 members, most of them leading communication companies. The main LIA's tasks are to represent interests of LIA members, develop internet related legal provisions, express opinion about internet related social and legal issues, collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organizations and focus on development of national broadband. LIA also coordinates Latvian Safer Internet Centre which aims to educate, inform and raise awareness in society about the safer use of internet and provide an opportunity to report breaches on the internet to Hotline via Drossinternets.lv website and Helpline 116111.

Save the Children Romania is a non-governmental organization that defends and promotes children's rights in Romania since 1990. Since 1998, Save the Children Romania has been a full member of Save the Children - the world's largest independent organization that promotes children's rights, which includes 30 members and runs programs in over 120 countries. For 30 years the Save the Children Romania has been developing educational, social protection and children's rights promotion programs, acquiring nationally recognized expertise, not infrequently the organization's projects being taken over and developed as examples of good practices.